Ideas for 2017 Events / Runs

Ideas & suggestions … A few of us have been talking about possible ideas for some runs/visits that we could do when the weather improves and hopefully warms up.

We did the Secret Nuclear Bunker last year which was popular, so I was thinking either meet for breakfast/coffee first and then a run to the attraction. Or maybe drive to the venue first and then go for something to eat afterwards? (and of course our non-MINI friends are welcome too!)

Some possibilities which aren’t too far away …

Electric Mountain in Llanberris, Snowdonia

Stretton water mill in Cheshire

Lion Saltworks in Northwich

Anderton boat lift in Northwich

Boat museum at Ellesmere Port

Runway visitors park at Manchester Airport

Any other suggestions or comments?

Who’d be interested if we did something like this, date dependent ?

Visit the Facebook group and let us know your views! MMC Facebook Group